ccabral_highres_295Cat Cabral is a practicing witch, tarot reader and author of The Spells Deck (Chronicle Books) a 78 card deck of spells, rituals and witchcraft tips for the modern mystic coming out September 17th 2019. For over a decade you could find her managing Enchantments, one of America’s oldest occult shops, blending oils, incenses and magical prescriptions behind the apothecary counter. She has written pieces for The Numnious, Venefica Magazine and a monthly column Witch, Please for the feminist blog Slutist. A long-time student of all things occult, Cat has been hired by brands such as Coach, Reformation, and Freda Salvador for experiential pop-ups and as a featured reader. Along with writing, Cat hosts open circles celebrating the Wheel of the Year and teaches practical magic workshops in her native New York. She has been featured and quoted in illustrious publications New York Times, Culture Trip, The Numinous, Rookie, Buzzfeed

I’m beyond thrilled to announce the arrival of The Spells Deck!

Click the link to pre-order The Spells Deck on:

Amazon  Barnes & Noble  IndieBound

On sale in occult shops, bookstores and fine retailers everywhere on September 17th. 


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