Venus Alchemy Recipes

Blessed Bath Recipe

Courtesy of Herman Slater from “The Magickal Formulary.”

There once was a magic shop called The Magickal Childe in NYC run by a talented man named Herman Slater who made all sorts of wonderful potions for oils, incenses, baths, you name it! One of his books, The Magickal Formulary, has been deeply influential to occultists everywhere, yet the book is not easy to attain. Here’s a recipe for one of the easiest and loveliest recipes to make.

Blessed Bath*

For Purificiation

A Cup of your favorite Sea Salt

Lavender and Sandalwood Essential Oils ( a capful of each)

Lavender Flowers

Holy Water

My Secret Ingredient: Rose Water

*Can be made into an oil, incense or powder, I enjoy this most in a bath.


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