Sowing Seeds In September


The feeling of hysterical blindness was running rampant last week as the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces left no eye dry and wounds reopened. Like Persephone or Alice in Wonderland, I felt as if I was descending into a frightening abyss only to wake up to even more confusion and endless tears. Luckily this week ushers in a whole new season and a chance for emotional equilibrium with the Autumn Equinox or Mabon this Thursday Sept. 22nd as well as the planet Mercury stationing direct.

Mabon is a lesser Sabbat in modern Wicca where autumnal delights are celebrated and witches use the equinox energy to balance and ground oneself before the season shifts as leaves fall and temperatures dip. The 2nd of the 3 harvest celebrations, Mabon is a thanksgiving where all the bounty gets collected, distributed and the process of storing for winter now begins. One can see the old ways in your local farmers market and notice what produce is on display in abundance.


Equinoxes are auspicious times of the year as day and night stand equal and anything that feels out of proportion sticks out like a sore thumb. What’s the elephant in your room? Mabon also welcomes Libra season, the only astrological sign represented by an object, the scales of justice. Libra famously represents relationships, the other and the collective “we” as opposed to the Aries “me.” What relationships feel unbalanced or undernourished? Have they changed or have you grown past them? Take the time to evaluate your role in all interpersonal relationships and be the graceful change you want to see rather than pointing the finger at the other party. Libra is also the sign of aesthetics, art and beauty and with Jupiter now orbiting in fair Libra for the next year; we have an opportunity to expand our Venusian attributes and visions. That is if we can gather the confidence and gusto to take a change. The Libra energy can get us stuck in endless debates and weighing the pros and cons rather than making a decision. Use your “witch gut” as I like to call it and only allow yourself a few days of deliberation.

Mabon may not be as celebrated as say Samhain or Beltane, yet I find it rather important because it’s a time to take a step back and do a visual scan of your holistic being from your health practices to your unique place in the world. The beauty of the equinox is a moment where there is perfect balance for one day. An easy ritual to do is to go into nature, perhaps your own backyard, or a quiet spot in a local park and lie out on a blanket. Mabon altars are typically decorated with corn, pinecones, pumpkins, apples and other September offerings. Make your body the altar and hold any of these tangible tokens as you guide yourself into a deep mediation. Assess your physical body and see where the aches and pains stem from. Tears may flow. Let Mother Earth absorb them for the ground you lie on is sacred ground here to balance and nourish you. When you feel grounded sit up and write your Autumn intentions on a piece of paper, and as many farmers sow the seeds in September, plant your intentions into the ground. As they are buried safely within the dirt know that they are being fertilized and processed, like a bear hibernating through winter, so will your deepest wishes.

Originally published at Slutist



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