December Will Be Magic Again


As I sit hunched over in my frigid apartment warming my extremities with space heaters and candlelight, I hear Kate Bush’s lyrics in my ear repeating like a mantra, “December Will Be Magic Again.” I breathe her mystical soprano in and repeat her words. Lighting a gold candle I watch the bright flame grow and cast my spell; I refuse to be consumed by fear in 2017. The true spirit of Yuletide season is found in its joyful traditions. We worship the returning light and celebrate the birth of the Sun King, the sweet babe born on the longest, chilliest night in December. This comforting mythology is a reminder that life, however painful it may feel, now does in fact go on.

Since Samhain, it’s been pretty bleak and almost exhausting to conjure up or even believe in the power of magic. We wake up to images of foreign and not so foreign children covered in soot and blood, as smug celebrities with their designer imposters become heads of states. A sense of urgent responsibility and a call to action descends upon us as we enter Capricorn season and celebrate the Winter Solstice on Wednesday December 21st. Not so coincidently, as Mercury just went retrograde in Capricorn, Father Time’s sense of order and tradition is now being torn asunder. Mercury in Capricorn is all about climbing the ladder with a strategic and logical course of action, using previous knowledge from “tried and true” methods combined with brainy innovation to accomplish earthly goals. While the cosmic and literal universe may be making you feel like everything is out of your control, one thing witches know is how to take back their power and draw down the Divine. Whether you are a witch or not, I invite you to reconnect with your inner power on this Winter Solstice. Yule celebrates the male God energy of the Sun, the resilience and strength that we all carry within ourselves.


Create a winter altar with seasonal greens such as pine, holly or ivy and mulled wine. Light a yellow or gold candle to symbolize the God archetype who has many names in various pantheons such as Ra, Apollo or Helios. Light your Yule candle and hold it above your head visualizing the powerful Sun God descending down into your body. Slowly and carefully, pull the candle down and hold it near your third eye for about a minute, then spend some time with each chakra, holding the candle near your throat and then your heart. Once you reach your stomach or Solar plexus, take as much time as you need and let it out with a yell, or cry and release any residual pain or resentment, disappointment or anxiety you may be feeling. Visualize fear and any blockages related to confidence melting away like an icicle transforming into nothing for fear has no real power. Imagine the rays warming up your entire body, conquering all obstacles, for you are as strong and vital as the Sun King himself. Blessed Yule and Happy New Year!

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