Father Time


As an enthusiast of the art of comics, one that I’ve kept taped to various incarnations of vision boards is, of all things, a Christian Jack Chick-inked pamphlet, “Hi, There!” featuring a winking grim reaper, scythe in hand waiting around the corner for a wise-cracking construction worker who is shocked to meet his maker. When I was handed this propaganda about 7 years ago, it was truly auspicious timing and little did the proselytizer know how I received this comic strip as much needed tongue in cheek humor, nudging me to make a major decision in life because time waits for no one. 7 years later, a cycle of Saturn, and at a new crossroad in life, I’m preparing for my favorite holiday/s, Yule (Winter Solstice) and Christmas, which neatly syncs in with Saturn, good old Father Time firmly planting his trunks in his most natural placement, Capricorn, for the next 2 ½ years (December of 2020). Like that grinning grim reaper, Saturn’s big business, commitments and visions are serious as a heart attack and Saturn suffers no fools.

I’m at an age now where I can remember thinking of time as this boundless, expansive force that I had unlimited access to; the phrase “youth is wasted on the young” comes to mind along with the cold realization that all joyrides must come to an end. That’s time and that’s Saturn, ruler of institutions, limitations, traditions and work. Yet Saturn isn’t all work and no play, he’s just not the kind of archetype to give you a medal for simply showing up. The fruits of hard labor will always be rewarded with due diligence. There is a freedom that can be found by having boundaries and working despite limitations that can often create an excellent breeding ground for fertile and innovative ideas. Sometimes to work outside the box, you’ve got to start from within it. And Saturn in Capricorn will do precisely that. Think of how many indie films on a shoestring budget and tight deadlines went on to shatter the mold and look no further at one of Saturn’s classic tests.


Chronos was the Greek God of time wielding his scythe and was later identified by the Romans as Saturn, all meshing into the classic image of Father Time with his snowy white beard and wrinkled brow. During Yule season and throughout New Year’s Day, a big question to ruminate on as you sip on mulled wine, is how time has delighted, surprised and disappointed you over the past year. Are you avoiding the primordial power of time or submitting to its task-master deadlines in order to ensure your success? Capricorn energy is deep and plants invisible roots and commitments that are not easy to break. The opposite of superficial, Capricorn in its highest vibration, can be a driven entrepreneur running a company, providing services to all in a fair manner, always aware of ethics and integrity. Capricorns at their basest and lowest level can be a tacky, horny goat, caught up with the trappings of fame, money, prestige and power. Greedy and phony, it is when long-lasting traditions and respected cultures becomes a perverse joke. Look no further from the Oval Office for an example.

As we end the calendar year, Yule is Midwinter, the longest night, a time for equal parts merrymaking and reflecting. With the rebirth of the Sun God, a sweet babe bringing optimistic joy, we enter the Waxing Year ruled by The Oak King who battles and overrules the Lord of the Waning Year, The Holly King, a version of our modern Santa Claus. As 2017 draws to a dramatic close, I can’t help but ask where did the time go?  As the wise Tom Waits sang, “and it’s time, time, time that you love.” Yule (from the Norse word for wheel) is when we should honor our relationship to time and celebrate its importance in how it can liberate and guide us, even with Saturn’s stern, (but always seeking our best interest) guiding hand. Stay up all night, sings carols, gaze into a fire, feast and reflect with those you cherish and welcome the Sun as it rises again, brightening our way towards the New Year.

Header Image: “Chronos and his Child,” Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, 17th Century

Originally published at Slutist