Waves of Eclipses


“I am always under direct inspiration. I know just what to do and give instant obedience to my intuitive leads.” According to Florence Scovel Shinn, a turn of the century metaphysical author of affirmations, your word is truly your wand. Witches, seekers and spiritualists alike know the inherent power of words when invoking spells, mantras, or chants. This summer, with its dizzying eclipses, pushes us to match the might of our words with mightier action.

Thursday July 12th at 10:48pm EST is the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer, bringing forth waves of emotional turbulence. The Sun will be opposing Pluto, bringing us intense awareness, catharsis and potentially shocking, but necessary, wake-up calls. Eclipses, and the ocean, have something in common; their ability to beguile and frighten onlookers. In Cancer and with this New Moon, emotions, like waves, have a ripple effect and start to leak like a bloated water balloon, suddenly exploding, soaking everything in sight.

Cancer is ruled by the mystical moon and represents divination, feminine mysteries, home, motherhood, health and fertile creativity. Be honest with what themes leave a particular sting on your heart this summer and your ability (or inability) to communicate your pain effectively to others. Are you splashing your feelings all over unexpected loved ones, then scuffling back into your shell expecting no reaction? Are they revealed in moody passive-aggressive ways or never voiced at all, poisoning your already fragile state?

Let the New Moon allow you to hold a sacred counsel with your emotions, preferably in a body of water, at your favorite beach, lake or shower. Cancer is prime time for rituals of self-love and gentle care. While cleansing in a body of water, find your voice and speak your pain out loud and clear, naming and owning it: a bitter disappointment, shame, loss of a loved one or the discomfort of feeling stagnant. For every pain, imagine its opposite reflecting back to you in the water, with a new name and story. Shame becomes pride, guilt becomes truth and violence emerges as negotiation. Visualize this along with rays from the solar eclipse, nourishing your core and ready to ignite once Leo season begins.

July’s intuitive reflections transform into action by entering Leo, the proud lion, on July 22nd along with a Full Buck Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Friday July 27th in Aquarius. Native Americans gave the July moon this name because a buck’s antlers were fully forming during this time. After allowing yourself to identify pain while beginning the healing process, this Full Moon will give us an opportunity to harness its power with the Lunar Eclipse. Like a young buck, thriving with her new appendages, Leo energy can give us a boost of blazing confidence and loving reassurance that we can in fact tackle anything.

With the Full Moon happening in its opposite sign Aquarius, ask yourself how to take inner turmoil now transformed and share it with the world at large to benefit the greater good. Keep in mind the action itself matters, no matter how big or small, for Leo energy often only wants the best — but this moment is about sharing your truth, not about whose pain is greater. Rather use turmoil and channel it into productive, creative sources of expression with new and old communities, all sharing collective stories. Leo season is a time to co-mingle, learning and lending a helping hand towards a just cause while having fun summer nights of frivolity. From Cancer to Leo we have the opportunity to inhabit all corners of our selves, bringing forth aching truths, deepest wounds and secrets. Once named, words, like emotions can dissipate, and are only as charged as you make them while riding through the waves of eclipses this summer.

Originally published on Slutist.

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