Revolver Magazine Interview with Cristina Scabbia on Tarot, Death and Music.


Here’s an excerpt of my new piece for Revolver Magazine where I had the pleasure of meeting, reading and interviewing the magical Cristina Scabbia, lead singer of Lacuna Coil.

“As Scabbia and I sit down with the 78 cards, I discuss my approach to tarot as I would with any new client. The tarot, I explain to her as she deftly shuffles my worn-out Aquarian Deck, reveals messages from our subconscious through archetypes and shows us the present situation, offering pathways towards decision-making for our future. While I do think tarot can reveal glimpses of our impending fate, I don’t rely or focus on the divination aspect during readings. After cutting the deck three times, I ask her to place her hand on mine and we engage in a brief, grounding meditation, something to help both of us focus, center and connect. Her energy feels electric, direct and game for anything. When we open our eyes, she says she feels better already and we relate about hating the way our voices sound, although her warm tone hints of the powerful singer she is.”

To read the full interview click HERE 

Photography by: Jimmy Hubbard




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