Saturn in Aquarius & Pandemic Musings

This wasn’t meant to be a witch sermon, but an Op-Ed, on Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius and our current state of affairs. Originally written as an Instagram post, but wanted to share here.

During times of strife, we as humans desire explanations to process the collective grief, fear and uncertainty we experience. This is where religion and spiritual practices offer guidance and grace to ease us as we trudge on through the unknown. I feel a responsibility as a witch, a priestess, a mother and a fellow human to say it out loud—it’s okay to feel pure rage. It’s not only acceptable, but welcome to sob, be terrified and fight back against this terrible moment in our life. 

This virus, in itself, is not (in my humble opinion) a sign that the earth is crying out for healing, or a collective energy rising up calling for change. (Perhaps it is the energetic tipping point?) What it absolutely IS, is an ugly pandemic that is wrecking havoc. It is revealing the ugliest of class warfare and the most vulnerable will be dealt the worst hand of cards. 

While spiritual revelations can come after a time of war, the tears are real and we need to acknowledge them. I’m watching friends and favorite establishments grapple with the horrifying reality that they may not be able to weather this storm. For those who say this is a time to go inward and connect with oneself, I say that’s positive, necessary. But what about those who did everything right and still are dying? What about those sick, soon to be suffering in a multitude of ways? (This is where I can’t get behind things like the Law of Attraction, these people didn’t attract what they put out.)

What is and can be the divine intervention/moment of truth is our collective response to this crisis. How we organize, demand justice from government officials and vow to be an active neighbor in our global community, Saturn in Aquarius historically has marked times of incredible progress and goddess willing I hope this transit brings it. My hope is that we respond to this crisis in a loving, humble, and radically caring manner. We are in this together, we can be both scared and searching, united in our uncertainty. 

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