Moon Meditation

Greetings on this Full Pink Moon in Libra! According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a publication that never fails to inform, April’s full moon is the first supermoon of this year, meaning it is closest to earth and the brightest and biggest of the year. April’s full moon is referred to the “pink,” “Paschal,” or “egg,” for spring’s flowers, Easter and the birth of chicks and many wee animals. I’ve recorded a moon meditation that can be used for any moon phase. I’ve used this meditation in both private and public circles and find it to be a calming journey useful for exploring lunar wisdom. Being in Libra, tonight’s moon at 10:35pm EDT, gives us an opportunity to explore themes of loving partnerships and equality, ideals and actions that we desperately need. Bright blessings and visions of pink moonbeams to you.

Moon Meditation for All Phases

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