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Moon Meditation

Greetings on this Full Pink Moon in Libra! According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a publication that never fails to inform, April’s full moon is the first supermoon of this year, meaning it is closest to earth and the brightest and biggest of the year. April’s full moon is referred to the “pink,” “Paschal,” or “egg,” for spring’s flowers, Easter and the birth of chicks and many wee animals. I’ve recorded a moon meditation that can be used for any moon phase. I’ve used this meditation in both private and public circles and find it to be a calming journey…

Saturn in Aquarius & Pandemic Musings

This wasn’t meant to be a witch sermon, but an Op-Ed, on Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius and our current state of affairs. Originally written as an Instagram post, but wanted to share here. During times of strife, we as humans desire explanations to process the collective grief, fear and uncertainty we experience. This is where religion and spiritual practices offer guidance and grace to ease us as we trudge on through the unknown. I feel a responsibility as a witch, a priestess, a mother and a fellow human to say it out loud—it’s okay to feel pure rage. It’s not…

Rites of Spring for Homebound Witches

As many of us sit on the edge of our seats, homebound, bordering on stir crazy, it’s almost impossible to feel positive or celebratory with Ostara season just beginning. For me, ritual is intuitively soothing, and while cooped up indoors, bringing a bit of springtime’s beauty inside, is providing a bit of necessary distraction and relief from the endless news cycle. Here is a bit about Ostara, along with some seasonal things to do. On March 19th at 11:50pm EST, we ushered in Ostara, the Spring (or Vernal) Equinox, the astronomical beginning of spring. The word equinox comes from the Latin words…

Badass Bitches Tarot by Cardsy B Podcast

  What a treat to have also been interviewed for Cardsy B. aka Rebecca “Bex” Szymczak’s Badass Bitches Tarot Podcast this past fall! Bex is the creator of Badass Bitches Tarot, reader and fashion designer. Click on the image to listen!

Radio Amenti Podcast

    So thrilled to be featured on Jennifer Sodini’s (author of Amenti Oracle and creator of Evolve & Ascend)  excellent podcast, Radio Amenti. We discussed the art of ritual, The Spells Deck and all things occult. Click on the image above to tune in!

Revolver Magazine Interview with Cristina Scabbia on Tarot, Death and Music.

  Here’s an excerpt of my new piece for Revolver Magazine where I had the pleasure of meeting, reading and interviewing the magical Cristina Scabbia, lead singer of Lacuna Coil. “As Scabbia and I sit down with the 78 cards, I discuss my approach to tarot as I would with any new client. The tarot, I explain to her as she deftly shuffles my worn-out Aquarian Deck, reveals messages from our subconscious through archetypes and shows us the present situation, offering pathways towards decision-making for our future. While I do think tarot can reveal glimpses of our impending fate, I…

Full Moon in Gemini. Taking stock of your maximum creative potential and fulfillment. The sign of the twins/siblings. Finding integration between your inner selves. Mastery of a Magician being filled with divine inspiration, acting on it, following through and completion. Wit, athleticism, precision and grace. Dear Gemini, your brilliant mind is a thing of beauty

5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Psychic Vampires

1) Have a Daily Spiritual Practice: Be it daily meditation, chants, or prayer, some form of daily spiritual practice will not only ground and focus your own energy, but it will open your levels of awareness, sharpening your own intuitive skills. With deeper awareness, it’s harder for vampires to enter your space and it’s easier to spot their unbalanced and often charming yet ultimately harmful nature. 2) Sea Salt Baths On the Full Moon: An old and soothing tradition that will help cleanse your ethereal body. Once the Moon is full, she begins to wane, an excellent time for cleansing…

As leaves scatter and black cats matter, closer we move to the season of divination, plunging in to darkness.

Card of the Day: Three Bottles from the Collective Tarot. If you can snag yourself one of these hard to find decks, do yourself a favor! One of the most unique, deeply personal decks that crosses all lines of gender, cultures, sexuality and wildly illustrated, celebrate your friendships today, who knows what may come tomorrow.