Witches in History: “Fumee d'Ambre Gris” by John Singer Sargent. My all time favorite painting, it hangs above my altar and gives me daily inspiration for focusing intentions, visions and revelry.

Card of the Day: 6 of Pentacles. Gratitude, what you reap you will sow, a touch of Mardi Gras Magic in the cold winter air

Card of the Day: Queen of Wands. As Imbolc fires of purification approach, the spirit of Brigid’s flames appear all around. Dancing in a wave of orange beauty, release, relax, replenish!

Full Moon Moment/Cancer/ January 4th

As pale snow graces our faces this January morning, I watch as people crowd on the subway and wonder; what is their deepest desire for the year ahead? Sure, there’s always the usual  business of losing weight and saying no more than yes, but the collective desire for rebirth is so palpable. As I looked... Continue Reading →

Card of the Day: Nine of Cups! Happiness, fulfillment, a feeling of satisfaction deep within one’s bones and soul. As we reflect back on 2014, what accomplishment brings out a proud smile on your face?

Card of the Day: Justice/Adjustment in the Thoth Tarot. A perfect card for this imperfect world where justice is sadly subjective and deeply needs to be invoked worldwide by all magicians, politicians, educators, mothers and humans.

Card of the Day: 9 of Pentacles. I think of thee, a woman of certainty and distinction. A woman who has made her successes on her own terms, planting her garden wisely and slowly, now enjoying it’s blooming bounty. Ever grateful and present in celebrating each day’s beauty.


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