Spellcrafting: Creating Rituals with Magical Oils, Incenses & Herbs with Cat Cabral
Sunday September 15th
Black Iris Tattoo
What’s in a spell? In this workshop, participants will learn how to craft rituals implementing magical correspondences and symbols, using nature’s greatest magical tools, incenses, herbs and oils. Please bring a journal to write down notes and thoughts. All participants will receive a handy reference guide to using herbs and oils for magic, and as a group we will make an enchanted concoction to take home and use.
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Lughnasadh Magic Circle
Sunday August 4th
Black Iris
Lughnasadh, or Lammas, is the first harvest festival making the beginning of summer‘s end. A celebration of wheat, grains and the bounty that summer brings, Lammas is a time to gather, reflect on summer‘s lessons and commune with others. During this magic circle open to all, participants will learn about Lughnasadh lore, history and folklore. Participants will receive a spell kit to continue their magic throughout the season, participate in a guided meditation about the power of sacrifice and a group ritual for honoring the harvest. Wear comfortable clothing for meditation and bring a journal to write down any notes.
Tarot for Transformation
Sunday July 14th
Black Iris
Tarot is an ancient system of divination used throughout the ages for guiding us through life’s questions and crossroads. An excellent navigational tool for personal transformation, guidance and clarity, with a  dash of prognostication, tarot is a language anyone can speak. In this workshop for beginners and participants looking for another perspective, we will explore the wisdom of tarot through its’ 78 cards and classic spreads. Participants will receive a handy reference guide to the cards either via PDF form or print out. A brief history of tarot will be discussed but this class is primarily to learn the meanings of the archetypes, symbols and situations the cards present. Please bring your own tarot deck for use in class and reference.
Midsummer Magic Circle
Sunday June 30th
Black Iris
Midsummer or the Summer Solstice is the peak of the sun’s potency and magic! During this magic circle, open to all, we will learn about history, folklore, rituals and mythology that surrounds this holiday. Participants will receive a spell kit to use through the season and will participate in a guided mediation for solar strength and a group ritual for wishes, as all magic is suitable during the solstice. Wear comfortable clothing for meditation and bring a journal to write down any notes.
Exploring Witchcraft
Sunday May 19th
Black Iris
During this course participants will learn about the history of ancient and contemporary witchcraft as a means for spiritual growth and empowerment through the magic inherent in and all around us. From Wicca, Modern Paganism, and practical magic practices, a variety of paths will be explored. By honoring nature and harnessing its energy, participants will learn how to set up a modern witchcraft practice that speaks to their direct needs. Creating altars, rituals, spells, venerating ancestors, and coven building will be discussed, along with the use of magical timing and moon cycles.