Tarot Readings


What is Tarot?

The Tarot is a divination tool for all people. Woven throughout 78 cards are symbols, archetypes, emotional landscapes, everyday situations, foreign and familiar crossroads that we collectively experience throughout life. The Tarot can be used for personal transformation, self-discovery, spiritual development and a good chuckle during tough times. It is a key for personal discovery and development.


My Experience with Tarot:

Over the last 15 years I have been using the classic archetypes and language that is Tarot, along with my intuition, to aid clients in making choices for their highest good. I received  my first deck, the Aquarian Tarot in my early twenties when I started reading professionally while working at Enchantments, NYC’s oldest occult store and still use this trusty deck for clients to this day. Having studied with Rachel Pollack, T.C. Eisele, and other Tarot masters, the cards remain my greatest teacher, never ceasing to reveal something new.  Along with instructing classes on the Tarot, private parties, and one-on-one sessions, I have also had the pleasure of reading at corporate events for such brands as Coach, Reformation, Freda Salvador and Prom Girl.


About your Intuitive Tarot Reading:

During your 1 hour session I mainly focus on the Tarot, however I will request your birth information (before we meet) so I can consult your natal chart. Tarot readings often reveal the subconscious, a current energetic atmosphere, in your current situation more often than “telling the future,” (although sometimes that can be a very happy accident!) I firmly believe with certain tools like the Tarot, we can work together with the information and messages revealed by the wisdom of the cards to plan a course of action for whatever questions or obstacles you are facing. In person readings are located in a private office space located in downtown Manhattan. Additionally, I offer phone and Skype sessions for those located outside of NYC.

For further details and to book an individual session or for private events, email at moonagemagic@gmail.com