Tarot & Intuitive Readings



The art of reading Tarot is something I have been fascinated and delighted by for almost 15 years. Personally I have found it to be an incredibly frank, funny and useful tool when you find yourself stuck at a crossroads and are looking for a map to help navigate life’s next steps. 78 cards represent archetypes, faces, places and all too familiar emotions that hold the clues towards personal growth and I am in constant awe of the revelatory nature of the Tarot. Before we meet, I also request your birth information so I can consult your unique astrological make-up. During readings I mainly focus on the Tarot, along your natal chart to give you all the pertinent details for any questions or conflicts you need assistance with now. Tarot readings often reveal the subconscious, a current energetic atmosphere, if you will, in your current situation more often than “telling the future,” (although sometimes that can be a very happy accident!) What I have studied and what I can do, using the classic archetypes and language that is Tarot, along with my intuition, is to aid you in making choices for your highest good. I make no claims that I can predict your future, but I firmly believe with certain tools like the Tarot, we can work together with the information and messages revealed by the wisdom of the cards to plan a course of action for whatever questions or obstacles you are facing. I look forward to your healing, transformation and success!

For more details and to book a session, email at moonagemagic@gmail.com




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